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Destination Wedding in Skiathos: All you need to know

Skiathos is an unbelievably beautiful island with lush greenery and exotic beaches, perfect for a destination wedding! It belongs to Sporades island complex in the Aegean sea and is among the most popular island destinations in Greece. What is Skiathos famous for? Its golden beaches, the fertile vegetation, and cosmopolitan atmosphere are just some of the reasons why this island is unbeatable. And don’t let yourself be fooled by the size of Skiathos! Although it might be a small island, it attracts a large number of visitors each year. Due to its proximity to the Greek mainland and its amazing virgin landscape, couples just love it! The best part? The ferry trip to Skiathos from the mainland lasts for about two hours, so the trip is quick and fun.

Destination wedding in Skiathos – a true treat!

Skiáthos, the most cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, is truly a paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters. Despite the rapid growth in tourism here in recent decades, it the island is still picturesque and unspoilt and blessed with more than 60 beautifully clean beaches. The most famous is Koukounariés, which has been declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. When you add in its bustling nightlife, it is only natural that the island attracts thousands of young visitors every year!

Whether you want to hide away from the crowds or dance until you drop – and then wake up and do it all over again –, Skiáthos, with its delirious nightlife, is a real treat for couples hosting a destination wedding and especially for young people seeking the freedom to ignore conventions and party on to the frenetic beats of their favorite music! The pedestrianized street by the Old Harbour is the ultimate hotspot for entertainment! Buzzing bars and clubs keep youngsters rocking through the night and until the early morning! The party continues in the area of Ammoudiá (on the road to the airport) where entertainment addicts celebrate in big open-air clubs! Colorful cultural events, concerts, and art exhibitions held throughout summer add a special touch to holidays on the island!

Wedding in Skiathos

If you want your wedding to have a sense of romance, you can travel to the beautiful island of Skiathos. The island offers a fairytale place with lush trees, crystal blue waters and golden beaches. On the idyllic island of Sporades you will find impressive hotels, built amphitheatrically, overlooking blue beaches and the romantic sunset. You can also enjoy the traditional ceremony on a genuine fishing boat and have fun under the moonlight on a beachside beach party. Skiathos is known as the island of weddings because it has the perfect idyllic atmosphere and every summer it hosts hundreds of weddings.

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Skiathos as your wedding destination

Located only 6 miles from the Greek mainland, Skiathos is the smallest (46 square km) and most popular of the Sporades group of islands, set in the Aegean Sea. The island boasts no less than 70 sandy beaches and if you choose to hire a boat, you will be rewarded by discovering romantic, deserted beaches, even in peak season. Or you may opt for a more traditional kaiki boat from the old port, similar to the one caught by Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.

Skiathos is one of the only islands in Greece that has never changed its name. It is believed that its name comes from ‘skia’ the Greek word for shadow, either from the tall pine trees that cover the island, or because it lies in the shadow of the mountains of Pelion, across on the Greek mainland.

Skiathos is covered in pine forests and olive groves making it a lush, green island producing an abundance of olives, walnuts and fruit By venturing inland you will discover traditional villages and much of the west and north coasts of the island are untouched by tourism. By contrast, historic Skiathos town is a lively place where traditional churches and old houses on narrow streets mix with chic restaurants and designer shops. Skiathos was famous in the past for the quality of its shipbuilding and you can still see the shipyards today in the port in Skiathos town.

How to Get on Skiathos

• By ferry or high speed ship from the port of Volos or Ayios Konstantinos.

• By ferry from the port of Thessaloniki (only during summertime)

• By air from Athens or Thessaloniki

Ambling around Skiáthos town

The capital town of Skiáthos, the biggest settlement on the island, is a modern resort with excellent tourist facilities. The town is relatively new. It is generally assumed to have been built around 1829-30 on the same site as an older town. The town’s most important landmark is its natural harbor, which has determined the destiny of the town for centuries. Today it is a popular yacht and sailing boat haven that adds a cosmopolitan flair to the island. A stroll around the town’s paved streets reveals cute white houses with red-tiled roofs and colorful gardens. The picturesque harbor surrounded by four small islets is a sight not to be forgotten. Don’t pass up the chance to visit Boúrtzi, a small peninsula with lush vegetation where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand. The fortress was established in 1207 by the Gizi brothers but it was destroyed in 1660 when Admiral Morozini conquered the island. Today it is one of the most romantic spots on Skiáthos thanks to its densely planted pine trees and stunning views of the archipelago.

Apart from Bourtzi don’t miss the opportunity to visit the former house and now museum of the famous author Alexandros Papadiamantis (who is commemorated every year with special celebrations on 3-4 January and on the 4th of March) who was born and raised on the island. There is also the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary with its four museums and Kástro (meaning castle), a natural fortress that was used by the inhabitants in the 14th century as a refugee against pirate raids. Today Kástro attracts many visitors thanks to its breathtaking natural beauty.

In search of glorious beaches

The island has 60 superb beaches, among which Koukounariés or Golden Sand in the southwestern part of the island stands out. Koukounariés beach is also famous for its lush pine forest- whose needles “touch” the water offering unique natural shade- and Strofiliá, a rare wetland nestling amidst the pine forest, which has been declared a protected area due to its enormous ecological value. Among the accommodation options there is a campsite, popular with young people, at Koukounariés. There are also plenty of tavernas and lively cafes and bars. If you like, you can also rent a boat, play tennis at one of the local hotels’ tennis courts or try out some exhilarating sea activities! Meyáli Ámmos, on the road to Koukounaries and Ahladiés, is a popular beach with crystal clear waters and picture-perfect tavernas by the sea.

Banana (or Krassa bay) is a wonderful beach surrounded by pine trees that attracts young people thanks to its water sports facilities and the frenetic parties that take place in its cafes and bars all day and all night! Banana’s sister beach, Small Banana, next to it, is ideal if you want to avoid the crowds or if you are looking for some peace and seclusion. It is famous for its clear blue waters and its pine trees. Those who want to get away from the crowds should also check out the western part of the island: Mandráki, Eliá, Agkistros and Small and Big Asélinos are all ideal choices to escape the crowds. Lalária, on the northeastern part of the island, is the kind of beach you find once in a lifetime. Impressive white rock formations; small round pebbles (which is what lalaria means in Greek), beautifully clean waters and the “hollow rock” standing imposingly on the beach provide a beautiful natural backdrop that will take your breath away. Note: you can only reach the beach by boat departing, weather permitting, from the port of Skiáthos.

Wedding Venues in Skiathos

On the islands of Skiathos, a couple can have a symbolic as well as a religious wedding. Also, there is a Catholic Church on the island that can host a religious wedding for catholic couples. Civil wedding in Skiathos can take place in Bourtzi, a small peninsula with spectacular views of Skiathos town and the blue, crystal clear waters. A destination wedding in Skiathos will have a magical touch of a Mama Mia wedding as well as romance and Mediterranean flair – Have you seen these views?

Civil weddings in Skiathos can take place in other locations subject to municipality approval for an extra charge. Greek Orthodox weddings in Skiathos can be held in various churches and chapels around the island. Jewish and Hindu weddings can be organized in several venues, mainly luxury hotels in Skiathos. You can have a civil ceremony wedding in Skiathos town  hall and Bourtzi with sensational views to the port
Orthodox wedding ceremonies can take place in various churches and chapels while there is a catholic church for a catholic wedding.
Symbolic Weddings or Renewal of Vows can be healed in many locations, including Caribean-like beaches! Also, you can have a symbolic wedding by a hotel pool, a chappel yard, a private boat, or a private villa! Skiathos wedding receptions can be held in a beachfront traditional taverna, luxury hotels, well-designed restaurants, and beautiful villas.

There are many options to choose from! What will you choose?

Wedding Photography in Skiathos

I’ve captured dozens of wedding days on the island of Skiathos and I would love to be a part of your wedding day! My photography style is refined and louminus, with glowing portraits of you and your wedding guests! Paying attention to all the details and respecting the queteness and serenity needed for a stress free wedding day, I will be by your side capturing the beauty of your wedding!

We shoot all your unforgettable moments and turn them into family heirlooms, including those fancy Badgley Mischkas you can’t wait to wear on your wedding day! You’ve got style? We have cameras. Make your wedding day stand out with clean and elegant photography centered around love. We’re talking about photos you’ll love as much as your spouse – maybe more! Our focus? One-of-a-kind photographs without an expiration date, your best moments alive forever. Contact us and take a look at our testimonials page!

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