“Working with Dimitris was like working with our best friend. He made us feel like ourselves, while being utterly professional!”

word on the street:

- helen, bride

Where everyone has the same outdated photographic style, I tailor our photos to my clients so they can look their absolute best. After all, shouldn’t your photography fit you perfectly? 


With years of experience in wedding photography, I aspire my photographs to be refined, sincere and daringly natural. We're talking about straightforward prettiness.

It's your wedding day. After we have all the pretty portraits and the dreamy dress, I want to see you kiss on the dance floor. A wedding is the flowers and the shoes - definitely - but mostly is the kisses, the slow dancing, and the champagne. Get vulnerable, get romantic - it's photogenic.

Are the ones knee deep in love. Oh! They kiss passionately, too.

my dream clients

... and most of all crazy for each other. They drink wine listening to jazz at home or pack their bags and travel to Peru. They are fearlessly celebrating each other and can't wait to be forever together!

Are a little bit modern, and a little bit classic

our dream clients


the number of weddings we shoot each year

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of my couples book a next day. ask us why!


the hours i spend in nature each week. fresh mountain air, please!


When i plan to retire and go live in the mountains, full-time


here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Meet

Over cocktails or beer, I want to meet you and learn your story; how you met and how you want your wedding day to be. We might shot some pictures, too, just so you know I'm the one. 

02. Let’s Plan

Now that we've talked about all the whys and hows, it's time to lay a solid plan on how the wedding is going to be photography wise. Organising is everything! Let's do it!

03. Let’s Shoot

The fun part! It means it's your wedding day - excited? I am! Wear your dress, twirl and let me capture the smiles as you see him waiting for you. My favourite moment to click? When you'll kiss!


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